August 28, 2011

Home is Wherever I'm With You

We have yet to receive the truck that has all of our stuff... the moving company has assured us that it is in route and should be here by Wednesday.  We're trying to be patient but sleeping on a mattress on the floor with an empty living room is getting old.  I'm tired of sitting on the floor and don't even get me started on how frustrating it is to not have a single item to cook with. Actually, I take that back... we bought a pot and a pan to use but you get the idea.

We have officially been here for two weeks, it's crazy how fast the time has gone by.  I thought moving here would be a life changer for us-- a new city, 2000+ miles away from home, and husband in law school seemed like enough to make me think that my life would be one hundred percent different.  But the truth is things have never felt more normal.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that home and my level of comfort is wherever Kevin and Louie are.  It sounds funny to include Louie, but he really has made this place feel more like home.

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