October 19, 2011

In just a few days our tree has turned a new leaf and decided to change color
Kevin is on fall break so we are livin' it up at home together this week.  I couldn't be more happy to have him around to do my daily routine with me.  And by routine I mean watch Ellen as we organize and build furniture on the floor in our living room.

I'm realizing that I don't just move from one place to another, unpack, and be done with it.  We have been here for two months and our apartment still isn't completely unpacked.  I am one of those people who has to live with bare walls and minimal furniture for a while before I can decide where things should go.  This fall break has been dedicated to mission: get our house in order.


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  2. You're totally a kindred spirit with John and Sherry! (In having to live with your space for a while before setting it up.) ha ha ha...I love knowing that I can mention two people neither of us has ever met and know that you will know exactly who I'm talking about...