October 26, 2011

Kevin is a hot and cold kind of guy.  Let me explain.  If he believes in something, he is over-the-top, head-over-heels into that thing; on the other hand, if he isn't crazy about something he's like a beached whale: stubborn and unwilling to move.  And to be honest I don't blame him because sometimes I get these wild ideas in my head that are unrealistic.  He usually grounds me with said beached-whale-ness.

I've had this vision for a piece for our living room that would be a stand for our TV.  We had been searching high and low for such a piece since we moved here, but to no avail. However, during mission: get our house in order fall break last week, I coerced Kevin into going to the thrift store with me (his most dreaded errand) and low and behold, there it was! Right in the front of the store waiting for us. But we didn't know it at the time.  We looked at it on our way in and went on to scour the rest of the store.  It wasn't until after we checked out and were on our way out that we stopped again to look at it.  I took out my tape measure to make sure the dimensions were right and pulled up my inspiration board via Pinterest to try and sell it to Kevin (he's a visual learner).  To my surprise, he was easily convinced and all for it (sweet). So we bought it. And from that point on it became Kevin's baby. He made several trips to Home Depot to pick up supplies and was hard at work for two days straight.  

Another thing about Kevin is that when he does something and does it well he is not ashamed to sing its praises.  Even if its just a turkey sandwich.  Upon the first bites he can be found saying "Do you taste this? This is awesome! That's right." So you can imagine his reaction to this masterpiece:

He took several iphone pictures and texted it to everyone.  He even shared the news with our distant neighbors who were all but enthused. But it didn't even phase him.  

All this to say that I am 100% behind his self-aggrandizement because it is pretty spectacular! I love his quirky ways. 


  1. If I were there, I'd totally come over and sing your praises. That is an awesome piece! I love the fun color.

  2. kevin is the man!

    love the color!

    love you guys!


  3. It looks fabulous!!! What a guy.

    I'm liking that yellow chair in the corner, too...

  4. I've missed your blog - and you guys! I was cracking up getting updated on the last few posts. The piece looks fabulous - I want to see more house pictures!!!

  5. keep posting. I love your new stand. fantastic. I'll bet the turkey sandwich was pretty grand too!