September 1, 2011

Georgetown Cupcake

One thing I realized about my dad while my parents were here is that he loves cupcakes-- all week he kept asking for "DC Cupcake" and by that he meant Georgetown Cupcake.  Every time we've ever driven by, the line is out the door and at least 50 people long, so we had to try it.

Turns out neither Kevin nor I love cupcakes as much as my dad.  He approved 100 percent but we think there was way too much frosting.       


  1. Ahhh! I love cupcakes. I've always wanted to go there...and I am all about frosting!

    Bree. We miss you here!

  2. We're not big cupcake/cake people either. I'd much rather have a delicious cookie.

    You guys definitely need to hit up Ray's Hell Burger ASAP. Don't ask questions, just go.

  3. More posts please! I miss you...and your blogging!